At Moor Park we believe that for children to thoroughly understand the present and aspire for their future they must be able to explore and learn from the past. Our aim is for the children to access the rich tapestry of life and adapt to our ever-changing world by being curious and inquisitive.  

We aim for pupils to achieve this by developing a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world as well as developing their critical thinking through discussion and questioning of historical events. Our Curriculum is designed to allow all pupils to be historians, to have the confidence, knowledge and skills to explore their heritage and challenge their thinking by being exposed to a wide range of historical events and figures. This not only allows children to develop a greater understanding of their own identity but show respect for the diverse society in which we live.  

In Foundation Stage pupils begin thinking about the more recent past such as their Grandparents and when they were a baby. They will also be introduced to words associated with the past. 

Pupils in Key Stage 1 begin to develop their awareness of chronology and key words associated with time and the past. They have opportunities to compare their own lives with people from the past to make it more significant to them, as well as being introduced to historical sources. 

Pupils in Key Stage 2 explore topics from the past in more depth, develop their sense of chronology, and improve their questioning and research skills through the use of Primary and Secondary sources. 

In both Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils get the opportunity to explore the history of Blackpool with particular reference to its growth as a holiday destination. 


History - Long Term Plan

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