The Moor Park Curriculum enables all pupils to 'Do More, Know More and Remember More' throughout their journey in our school. 


Our curriculum is based on the only safe assumption that a teacher can make: that the pupil might go on to study the subject at university, require particular subject knowledge in their future career, or need particular subject knowledge or skills to enable them to be active members of society. As a result, our curriculum has been designed to be fit for that purpose. 


At Moor Park we follow an ambitious curriculum that follows the scope of the National Curriculum to allow pupils to understand their world. We want our pupils to follow their natural curiosity to explain the questions we know they have: Why does the landscape look like that? Why don’t we have peace in the middle East? What do Christians believe? Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night? 


We feel that a knowledge rich curriculum provides our pupils with the best tools to answer their questions. A knowledge rich curriculum is not a curriculum based on trivia – it provides our pupils with the information that allows them to articulate an explanation in their own words.


We teach discrete subject disciplines which allows us to develop disciplined thinking rather than promoting woolly cross curricular links.


Please see the document below to view our Long Term Plan for 2021-2022. Please be aware that some subjects are being moved around due to lockdown and the final version will be completed by October half term. 



To download the plan, please click this link: Long Term Curriculum Plan

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