The Moor Park Curriculum enables all pupils to 'Do More, Know More and Remember More' throughout their journey in our school. 


Curriculum Rationale and Design 

At Moor Park Primary School we have a curriculum which prepares our children for the ever-changing world they will grow into. Our curriculum enables pupils to do more, know more and remember more throughout their journey at our school. Through our curriculum we aim to enable our children to be positive, happy and excited to learn. 

We have designed our curriculum using the discreet teaching of subjects and with an understanding of our pupils to meet their needs and build on their interests. Our curriculum has been developed for each year group by our teachers and leaders to ensure a structured progression of skills to allow children to become artists, historians, geographers, scientists and so on. Our curriculum is enriched with real life opportunities and engaging activities to bring learning to life. 


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. 

Books enable children to discover new worlds, meet new people and learn about the past, but they also have the power to transform lives. By sparking growing imaginations, stimulating critical thinking and helping to develop empathy, reading gives children the very skills they need to succeed at school, at work and in life. We foster a love of reading and our curriculum allows time each day for children to read and be read to. 


Our Moor Park Curriculum meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014). If you would like to know more about the National Curriculum you can use the following link: The National Curriculum in England 



Curriculum Aims 

“To be the best we can be” 

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of, engages and challenges all children. 

To encourage the children to be risk takers, be brave in their learning, meet their challenges and not be afraid to try. 

To ensure that all children leave Moor Park proficient in the fundamental skills of speaking and listening, reading, writing and mathematics; and well prepared to make a positive contribution to wider society and life in Britain 



Curriculum Structure 

The curriculum for each year group is planned and developed to meet the needs of our pupils. Teaching subjects discreetly allows time for pupils to revisit and master curriculum areas and provides opportunities for children to become writers, mathematicians, engineers and scientists etc. 

Our curriculum is delivered with a desire to create life-long learners. Children are encouraged to be independent, make mistakes and challenge themselves to achieve their best. Our curriculum celebrates the individual skills and talents of our pupils and provides opportunities for them to develop these talents. 


At Moor Park Primary School all class teachers are responsible for providing a curriculum that is suitable for all pupils in the class, including those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) with support from the SENCO. We are committed to ensuring our curriculum complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. 


Subject Leader
Curriculum Leader Mrs J Magson & Mrs H Jefferson
Art and Design Miss A Cross
Computing Miss M Morris
Design & Technology   Miss S Kirkaldy
English Mrs J Forrester & Mrs H Jefferson
Geography  Miss M McWhinney
History Miss G Whitehouse
Maths Mr G Kirkpatrick & Mr J Kennedy (EYFS)
Music Miss A Cooper
Physical Education Miss C Singleton
PSHE Miss N Taylor
Religious Education Mrs H Hall
Science Miss H Woods & Miss N Taylor
MFL (French) Mrs M Taylor


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