Dinosaur Detectives

The children will be taking on the role of 'Dinosaur Detectives' this half term to help them learn about different Dinosaurs. This week we have been learning about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most ferocious reptile. To start our topic the children went on a dinosaur hunt in the garden and found…

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Remembrance Day

To mark the 100 year anniversary of the First World War the Reception children spent some time creating their own Poppies! We discussed why we wear them and also watched a lovely clip that gives a little perspective into the war for little minds! The children made some of their own beautiful…

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Autumn is here!

This week the children went on an Autumn Walk looking for signs of autumn; we found colourful leaves, sycamore keys, pine cones and conkers and even went for a run playing with the falling leaves. We discussed Evergreen trees (the only trees that don't lose their leaves) and even animals that…

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Hocus Pocus!

This week in reception we have been celebrating 'Spooky Week'!

To start the spooky celebrations we worked together to make Witches gloop, a spooky potion that if consumed will turn anyone into a snake! 
The children got stuck in mixing, spelling and deciding ingredients, some of us even wrote…

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We're going on an Autumn walk... we're looking for signs of Autumn!

Today the children went on an Autumn walk exploring the school grounds for signs of Autumn!

The children found many objects, berries, conkers, sycamore keys, autumn leaves and twigs that they will observe more closely this week in the classrooms. 

They discussed different trees…

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Art Attack!!

This week the children had a go at making their own Art Attack bodies! 
We spoke about our different body parts and how important they are and some of the children decided to build their own. We used materials found all over the classroom and the children got very creative deciding which…
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Look what we've been up to...

It's been a busy week in reception and the children have been working hard! 
As we are coming into Autumn, the children have enjoyed investigating autumn leaves and conkers brought in by one of the children! We decided to sort the conkers and leaves by size, some of the children even decided to…
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Coco the therapy dog!

Last week the reception children got to meet our new school therapy dog - Coco! 
While Coco gets used to our school surroundings we spent the afternoon getting to know Coco and learning how best to behave around her. The children were very caring and had lots of questions about our new friend. We…
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Say Hello to Turbo Tim!

The reception children were treated to a special visit from an animal friend this week and his name was... Turbo Tim!

The children loved meeting him, they took great care and asked lots of important questions!

Since Turbo Tim belongs to our classmate Theo he did a superb job answering…

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Caught in the 'Wild'...

The children have been engaging in lots of child-initiated activities these past few weeks as they are thoroughly enjoying the new topics 'Animals' and 'Dinosaurs'. We have been doing lots of research on the internet to create fact files, 'googling' questions and watching videos of the animals…

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We are Scientists!

This week in reception we have been encouraging the children's investigative skills as a part of British Science Week! 

The children were challenged to investigate materials that float or sink and they did this in many ways! Some children went off to find their own materials that would float or…

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Under the Sea

This half term we are looking at the topic 'Under the Sea'.
The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic so far. They 'dived' straight in wanting to find out as much as possible about lots of different sea creatures, we searched for information online and even looked through non-fiction books…
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