In Year 3, we have been learning about prepositions. We have found a good way to remember what they are and how to use them in a sentence… take a look!

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A visit from Hands in Animals for Year 2

Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Kelly from Hands on Animals today.

We have been reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and finding out lots of Owl facts. So we were especially excited to meet Moomin the barn owl. Kelly also brought Woodward the millipede, Cecil the snake and…

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Year 2 Parent Event

It was lovely to see so many of you at our circus themed parent event on Wednesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with their families and spending time getting creative. 

Everybody got involved, some more competitive than others! But everyone had a great time. 

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Marvels and Mayhem in Year 2

Year 2 were selected to take part in the Blackpool Marvels and Mayhem project. We started the week with a visit from storyteller Emily who told us a fascinating story about the Tower Circus long ago. We learnt about some amazing acts who would have performed at the circus. The children and staff…

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Year 2 Science Week

Wow, what a busy week!

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week 2018.

We used the book ‘The Great Explorer’ by Chris Judge as a focus for all our activities. We started the week by predicting, reading and asking questions about the story, then ‘packed our kit bags’ ready for the…

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A visit from author Andrew Green

On Monday we welcomed local author Andrew Green to Moor Park. He treated us to a reading of his new book “Who’s Taken It?” and some of us got to be the animals from the story.

Later we took part in some creative workshops with Andrew and his wife Carly. We made up our own stories, played…

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Investigating materials in Year 2

This half term we have been looking at different materials in Science. Today we investigated which materials were absorbent or waterproof and which materials we could change the shape of. We worked collaboratively and had an interesting discussion about our findings. 

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Ozobots in Year 2

Some of us tried out the Ozobots today. We investigated how to make it move along black lines, then added codes to make it change speeds and do tricks! Next we made lots of different paths with added codes to see what we could get the Ozobots to do. We LOVED it! We worked collaboratively with our…

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Amazing algorithms!

Year 2 had lots of fun this afternoon programming each other to do simple tasks. We learnt that computers use algorithms and we tried to give each other our own set of algorithms for how to put on our coats, jumpers and shoes. It is harder than you think! Have a go at home. 

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Glittery Germs!

Today in Year 2 we talked about the importance of washing our hands to protect us from germs. Mrs Forrester spread her 'germs' around the classroom and they were everywhere!

We learnt a song to sing whilst washing our hands so that we wash them properly. Can you remember the song to sing at…

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Year 2 PE

We practised co-ordination in PE this week.

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Coco Time in 2JF

On Friday we were treated to some 'Coco Time'. We have been working really hard in Year 2 and this was a much needed reward. Thank you Coco! 

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