Some of the children had been asking to visit the builders working on the new outdoor area, so we went on an outdoor walk!
They were super excited and very curious; they started thinking of all the question they could ask the builders and what they wanted to find out about our new outdoor area. 

As a group we asked them when the area would be finished, the builders said it would not be long now and they hope we're excited!
Kobe got very excited, "I can see a tunnel, can't wait to play in the tunnel" he said.
Neve even commented on the fairy trees and how excited she was to leave them little message. 
The work on the new outdoor area is nearly finished and it sounds like the children cannot wait to get stuck in exploring!

The children then went to visit some of the other outdoor resources we have around school; we went to the outdoor ponds looking to see if some frogs had arrived. We then went to look at our own growing beds and had a think about what we like to grow this year, here are some of the children's suggestions: 

Matilda: "We can grow carrots."
Masie and Lilly: "Potatoes"
Esme, Hazera and Neve: "Flowers"
Carter- "Strawberries"

We had a wonderful time, the children especially enjoyed visiting the builders understanding and respecting the roles of adults and those who help us. 

The Reception Team