Harry Potter day

Today marks 20years since the first Harry Potter book was released. In Year 1 we held a themed day to celebrate. First, 1MM received a visitor - a baby dragon! We had to think about how to look after it and then we wrote a list of instructions for its care. After lunch, we had a treasure hunt…

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Reception's new outdoor area!

After waiting patiently for weeks the children were finally allowed to explore our new ourdoor area and they loved it! They especially enjoyed playing in the tunnel and on the climbing rocks and they were getting super creative in our new mud kitchen making pud pies and pancakes. 


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Visiting the Construction Workers in the Outdoor Area

Some of the children had been asking to visit the builders working on the new outdoor area, so we went on an outdoor walk!
They were super excited and very curious; they started thinking of all the question they could ask the builders and what they wanted to find out about our new outdoor…

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