Governance Statement 2020 – 2021

The Governing Board has three core functions, as set out in the Department for Education’s Governors’ Handbook:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

We have regular full governor meetings and two sub committees:

  • Resources
  • This committee focuses on health and safety, staffing and budget
  • Standards and Effectiveness
  • This committee focuses on data around results, curriculum, Teaching and Learning and the School Development Plan




If you wish to contact the governing board please write to the following address:

Mrs Jean Martin 

Co / Moor Park Primary School

Moor Park Avenue




Governance Arrangements

To undertake the core functions, we have established the following governance structure for Moor Park Primary School:

  • Two Parent Governors
  • One LA Governor
  • One Staff Governor
  • One Headteacher
  • Seven Co-opted Governors

The total number of Governors is twelve.




Who Are the Governors and what are their roles?

Chair of Governors: Mrs J Martin

Vice Chair: Miss J Marlow

Parent governors: Mrs L Halstead & Miss V Clifford

Staff Governors: Mrs J Rhodes & Mrs D Makin

Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor: Mrs L Halstead

SEND Governor: Mrs J Martin 



CH represents the person who is chair of that particular committee. 

Resources Committee Standards & Effectiveness Committee


Chair of Governors (JR)

Vice Chair of Governors ( )

Mrs D Makin

Mrs D Priest




Chair of Governors ( )

Vice Chair of Governors ( )

Mrs J Rhodes

Mrs L Halstead




In Attendance:

Mr G Kirkpatrick – Deputy Headteacher


In Attendance:

Mr G Kirkpatrick – Deputy Headteacher


Appraisal & Pay Committee

(including the performance management of the Headteacher)

Mrs Janette Roberts

Miss J Marlow

Review Officer: Mrs J Martin 


Pupil Discipline/Exclusion, Staff discipline, Dismissal, Grievance, Complaints and any Appeals to be dealt with by the first three available, untainted Governors not employed at the School – terms of reference as set out in the relevant Policy Document



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