All Governing Boards must set up and maintain a Register of Business and Financial Interests which must be published on the school website.

A regular review of entries takes place to ensure the register is kept up to date. At Moor Park this is completed as part of an annual review. Dated nil returns and any notifications of changes from Governors, when appropriate, are also included. Governors are aware that they should declare any changes as and when they occur.

The Register of Interests for Moor Park Primary School can be seen by clicking on the link below to download the register.

Governors and staff must act and be seen to act impartially, and have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs and those of the school. As such, anyone present at a meeting should declare an interest which is likely to lead to questions of bias when considering any item of business at a meeting. 


Register of Interests

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