Traditional Tales Day

Last friday reception finished their topic of Traditional tales with a exciting Traditional Tales Day! 

We started the day tasting porridge just like Goldilocks with our friends in Year 1 - some of the children loved it, enjoying two bowls all to themselves!

We then went back to class…

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Run, run as fast as you can... You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

On Thursday morning the children arrived to find some crumbs left from a very special visitor.
The Gingerbread man had been and he had left a lot of his crumbly friends behind!
We got out our magnifying glasses and searched the classroom for clues. The children found crumbs from the door into…

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Breaking News!

Breaking News... 

The three bears house has been trashed!
But don't worry... the reception children were very quick to help!
They used their problem solving skills to 'unjumble' all of the bears things into small, medium and large! 
They also made the perfect bowl of porridge for Daddy bear…

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Fee Fie Fo Fum, There is a lot of measuring to be done...

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week the children were sent a tough challenge by a mysterious giant! They got stuck in measuring plenty of objects, trying to figure out if they were bigger or smaller than the giants foot. 

The children also explored a variety of beans looking for similarities…

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Little pig, little pig, let me in...

The Three Little Pigs 

This terms topic of Traditional Tales saw us seeing in the New Year reading the 'Three Little Pigs'. The children have loved reading this book; they got very into character and ended up creating their own dramatic performances! It was great to see them having fun and…

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