1MM Investigating Outdoors

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks in 1MM. We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunny weather and made the most of it. 

First we investigated capacity and have learned how to measure containers in millilitres. 

Then we became geographers and discovered our school environment before going on a…

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Harry Potter day

Today marks 20years since the first Harry Potter book was released. In Year 1 we held a themed day to celebrate. First, 1MM received a visitor - a baby dragon! We had to think about how to look after it and then we wrote a list of instructions for its care. After lunch, we had a treasure hunt…

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Breaking News!

Breaking News... 

The three bears house has been trashed!
But don't worry... the reception children were very quick to help!
They used their problem solving skills to 'unjumble' all of the bears things into small, medium and large! 
They also made the perfect bowl of porridge for Daddy bear…

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