Victorian Playground Games

Sue came to school to teach us some Victorian playground games and songs. We really enjoyed it. 

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2JF playground games from the past

We had a great time today learning about different types of playground games Victorian children would have played. Sue taught us to sing 'Here we go Looby Loo', 'John Kanaka-naka' and the circle game 'all around the village'. 

We also had a go at marbles, tiddly winks and pick-up-sticks. 

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Roald Dahl Day

I had such a lovely surprise this morning when so many different Roald Dahl characters walked into my classroom. 

We had a special assembly led by Mr and Mrs Twit we had our own golden ticket winner!

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Roald Dahl Day 2JF

We had lots of fun today dressing up as our favourite characters from Roald Dahl stories. 

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