Year 4 - Spheros

We used the Spheros to create shapes and follow routes.  We programmed the Ipad with how and where the Sphero would move, then we tested it to see if we had done it correctly!

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Year 4 - Maths Workshop

As part of our prize for winning the National Numeracy Day competition, we were visited today by a representative from the charity who ran the competition. (

Bilal delivered lots of activities to get us thinking about the importance of number in our everyday lives and the world.

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Year 4 - Ice Melting Experiment

In science, we observed how a solid changes back into a liquid.  We recorded what happened to the block of ice through the day.  We used our measurements and made a chart of each strip.  Then we used the results to create a line graph.

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Year 4 - Evaporating Experiment

In science, we have been learning about different states of matter.  In this lesson, we had to decide how best we could evaporate 20ml of water.  We chose our own containers and decided where to put it for the experiment.  We kept checking through out the day to see how quickly the water was…

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National Numeracy Day News

We are pleased to announce that following our National Numeracy Day activities and Parent Event, we put our school forward for the chance to win £1000 and recently found out that


We hope to spend the money on maths resources to help support the teaching of place value including…

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Year 4 - Sound Investigations

In our science lessons we have been learning about sound.  Today we designed an investigation to test which fabrics would muffle sound the best.

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Year 4 - National Numeracy Day

We celebrated National Numeracy Day today.  We took part in lots of fun maths activities both inside and outside of the classroom.  In the afternoon we invited our parents into school to take part in some maths activities and games - they found it a challenge!

We love numbers!

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Year 4 - Making Ratatouille

In our design and technology lessons we have designed our own versions of Ratatouille.  Today we made our dish using our peeling, slicing and frying skills.  We then cooked it in the oven.  In the afternoon, we tasted our creations!

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Year 4 - Fit2Go Festival

This week we visited Blackpool Football Club to take part in the Fit2Go Festival.  The activities we took part in were: No-net Netball, Football, Athletics and Dance.

We had a great time!


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Dan Worsley Assembly

This week the author, Dan Worsley, visited KS2 to share his writing journey and tell us some of his stories.  We really enjoyed his visit!

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Year 4 - Easter Egg Competition

We used our artistic skills to make Easter creations!  We had a 'cracking' time!

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Year 4 - Recycled Art Event

To celebrate the end of our topic about Rats and Rubbish we held an art event.  We invited our parents to school and we used the junk we had collected to create items of clothing!

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