Merry Christmas!

The Reception children had an amazing time at their Christmas party today! We saw lots of fantastic dance moves, played party games, enjoyed delicious food and had a special visit from the busy man himself! 

The children have worked really hard during their first term and we hope they enjoy a…

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Elf on the Shelf

On Monday the children in reception received a very special parcel! They had been chosen to look after a cheeky Elf By Father Christmas himself! The elf has been named Buddy and the children are already vey excited to see the mischief that will unfold. He has already held a snowball fight with two…

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Representing Number

The reception children have been showing off their amazing maths skills this week as we have been looking at the different ways we can represent a number. There was lots of lovely discussion about the different amounts and which numbers were bigger or smaller. Some children chose to record their…

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Remembrance Day

To mark the 100 year anniversary of the First World War the Reception children spent some time creating their own Poppies! We discussed why we wear them and also watched a lovely clip that gives a little perspective into the war for little minds! The children made some of their own beautiful…

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A Spooky Day for our Spooky Children...

The children had a 'frightfully' fantastic Friday to round off our spooky week in Reception!
 We spent the morning decorating spider biscuits, conjuring gruesome spells and showing off our best terrifying poses in our outfits, can you guess who we are? 
The afternoon meant for more spooky fun,…

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Stay and Play!

Thank you to all the lovely parents who attended our 'Stay and Play' event this Monday, it was lovely to see so many of you engaging with the child-led learning opportunities! We really enjoyed opening our doors up to you and we know the children were thrilled to have you alongside them in the…

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Autumn is here!

This week the children went on an Autumn Walk looking for signs of autumn; we found colourful leaves, sycamore keys, pine cones and conkers and even went for a run playing with the falling leaves. We discussed Evergreen trees (the only trees that don't lose their leaves) and even animals that…

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Physical Development!

The children loved their PE sessions with the Blackpool Community Trust Sports coaches this week. They worked on balance, coordination and spatial awareness skills helping them to become more aware of their surroundings when traveling at different speeds and movements. The children were super…
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Name Writing and Mark Making

The children have been working hard to develop their early writing skills this week. They have been enjoying mark making, drawing pictures and funny faces, practicing handwriting patterns and even trying to write their names. 

Keep it up Reception you're settling into school life…

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Special Delivery!

The reception were incredibly surprised to find two large parcels waiting in the classrooms for us this afternoon!
'What could be inside? Who could have sent it?' we wondered! The boxes were very heavy! 

With a little help from our teacher's, we managed to unwrap the parcels and found two…

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