Another visit from Spellbinder

To celebrate World Book Day we had a visit from Spellbinder. This time, he told us the stories of Johnny Appleseed and the Shirt of Happiness. As usual we loved singing, dancing and joining in with the special parade. 

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Positive Partnerships in PE

Year 2 enjoyed their PE session with BFC coach James on Thursday.

We were learning how to work well with a partner, give positive feedback and next steps to improve. We had to score as many points as possible whilst accurately throwing and catching.

James chose 4 children who displayed good…

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A visit from Christopher Columbus

Today's we were visited by Christopher Columbus! He told us all about how explorers travelled the world using compasses, maps and other strange looking equipment. We got to try on some explorer kit and have a close look at some interesting artefacts. 


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A Climbing Challenge for Year 2

We were lucky enough to have a climbing wall delivered on Friday as part of Sport for Champions for Year 6. It was a VERY chilly morning but we were VERY excited to have a go. 

We were all brave learners. Some of us overcame our fears and took a few steps and some of us managed to get all the…

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Hat Making in Year 2!

This week in Year 2 we have combined our maths and ICT to work out how to make ourselves a hat, then write a set of instructions for others to follow. 

We had to think about measuring, sequencing instructions and taking photos using the IPad camera. 

In 2JF we are learning the importance of…

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Programming Fun!

We started our new ICT topic this week, learning about sequences of instructions and algorithms.

We had LOTS of fun 'programming' each other to put on our shoes, jumpers/cardigans and to draw a stick man. We learnt that our instructions have to be clear and specific, otherwise there are some…

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Year 2 Basketball

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their taster session with Mr Basketball today. It was fast paced and lots of fun. The children are all really keen to join the basketball club now. We were really impressed with your skills children, maybe we have some basketball stars in the making...!

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2AP Paper Chain Challenge

We worked in groups of 4. We were given one large piece of paper, scissors and glue. The challenge was to make the longest paper chain.

Congratulations to Nermeen, Kylan, Ava and Courtney


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Santa came to visit us

Santa came to find out who is on the good list!

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A visit from Spellbinder

All the children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a visit from Spellbinder. We really enjoyed listening to Spellbinder tell us enchanting stories and loved singing and dancing along to the Christmas songs. 

Some of us were chosen to be in the special Christmas…

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2JF Gymnastics

We have really enjoyed our PE this half term with Jamie our sports coach. He has been teaching us different rolls, jumps, balances, shapes and ways of travelling. This week we put all of these skills together and created a sequence to music. 

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Spooky Disco

We had a great time at the spooky disco. Our costumes were fab!

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