Drumming Workshop

We had a very exciting visitor in school on Friday. Jeff Rich, the drummer from Status Quo, came to share his talents with us. We rocked out to his expert drumming before getting the chance to perform alongside him with a variety of percussion instruments (including fruit-shaped maracas!) It seems…

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We had a brilliant session exploring various artefacts, weapons and magical objects, setting our imaginations to run wild!




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Year 3 - Romans for the Day!

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day out to Ribchester where we visited the Roman Museum to launch our upcoming History topic. We learned all about life as a Roman, handled real Roman artefacts and even got the chance to try on some Roman armour! 


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Year 3 PE

In PE, Year 3 have been practising different types of throwing. Steve has helped us to perfect our technique for the javelin, shot-put, discus and sitting throw. We are almost ready for the Olympics!


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Year 3- Can you sort the maths words?

In Year 3, we are solving word problems with more than 1 step. Miss Cooper and Mrs Jefferson challenged us to sort lots of maths words into their meanings. Some of the words actually had 2 meanings!

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3AC “Les parties du corps”

This week in French, we have been learning about the parts of the body. We had lots of fun sticking the body parts on our friends and practising our speaking! 

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Year 3- Earthquakes and Volcanoes

This week we started our Geography topic “Earthquakes and Volcanoes” by working in groups to share our ideas. We can’t wait to find out if we are right and learn lots of new facts! 

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Cricket Year 3

We have been enjoying improving our cricket skill this morning with Dan.

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Can you make the bulb light up? Y3

Mrs Jefferson and Miss Cooper set us the challenge of making the bulb light. They gave us a bulb, a battery, two wires and a bulb holder.

At first, we couldn’t manage to do it but then we worked together to use facts we knew about circuits from Year 2.  Then we made working circuits with a…

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Freeze Frame Y3


We explored the feelings of Thomas Edison before and after his success with the lightbulb. 



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Science Week 3 HJ

We’ve had a great start to Science week with our paper bag biographies for Thomas Edison and collecting questions for our lines of enquiry.


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Getting to grips with gore

To start our new science topic, we had a visit from a butcher who showed us some pig’s hearts. We looked and held the whole hearts, then looked at one which had been cut up. Some of us enjoyed it more than others!

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