On Friday we were provided with the opportunity to celebrate the children's progress this year in our annual awards assembly! 

All the children have worked very hard this year and we would like to celebrate each and every single achievement they have made. It has been wonderful to see their hard work and enjoyment pay off as they have all made amazing progress. 

There are a few children who have shone and we would like to celebrate them with the following awards: 

Star of the year with Outstanding Behaviour - Rosie and Scarlett
Progress in Maths - Theo and Rose 
Progress in English -
Aurora and Naomi 
Resilience in Learning - Sarah, Joey, 
Dylan and Karolina

Congratulations to those children and congratulations to the reception cohort 2016- 2017, you are all amazing, Well done!

As well as the children, we would like to thank the parents for all the support this year, I'm sure you're all just as proud as we are of the children's achievements.  

The Reception Team