Physical Development!

The children loved their PE sessions with the Blackpool Community Trust Sports coaches this week. They worked on balance, coordination and spatial awareness skills helping them to become more aware of their surroundings when traveling at different speeds and movements. The children were super…
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Year 5 PE coaches

As part of Year 5s PE they have been thinking about leadership and before the holiday they set about planning their own PE lessons for younger children. They had to include a warm up, main activity and cool down. This week, they tried out their ideas with Year 1. The children from both year groups…

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Ball Skills and Spatial Awareness

This half term we have been provided with the opportunity to work with the sports coaches from Blackpool Football Club during our PE sessions.
We have been focussing on developing our ball skills taking increasing control and care when we roll a ball, we then moved on to rolling balls to hit a…
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Dough Disco!

At the end of each school day the children come together to take part in our daily dough disco! The children love exercising their fingers wriggling, pinching, squeezing and prodding their dough with tom thumb, ruby ring and baby small! Not only are the children getting ready to write exercising…

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Jump jump jump!

In PE this week we focussed on our jumping skills as part of our Fundamental movements. We learnt that the best jumpers keep their feet together, bend their knees and use their arms to add power to a jump. We practised these skills through lots of different jumping activities including skipping…

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Developing our Balance and Coordination Skills!

On Wednesday the children enjoyed their first PE session and we can honestly say that they loved it! They showed great listening skills and were superb playing our balance and coordination games - they especially enjoyed pretending to move like different animals! 

This term our PE sessions…

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Footballing fun in Reception

The children are very lucky to recieve two sessions with the wonderful sports coaches from Blackpool Football Club. Two of the main skills the children have been working this term is Balance and Co-ordination and Ball Control. The children have made great progress since september and it has been…

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