Jump jump jump!

In PE this week we focussed on our jumping skills as part of our Fundamental movements. We learnt that the best jumpers keep their feet together, bend their knees and use their arms to add power to a jump. We practised these skills through lots of different jumping activities including skipping…

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Bridge Engineers

On Friday 1MM became bridge engineers. Using Lego we had to build a bridge that went over a river and it had to be strong enough too (some were a little bit shaky and broke easily). The challenge also tested our teamwork and perseverance. In the end, everyone had built their own bridge and…

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3D shape building

We've used a lot of learning skills this week during our 3D shape lessons. We've had to solve problems, work in teams and climb out of the learning pit. We needed lots of perseverance too, especially when we were trying to build shapes out of spaghetti and marshmallows. 


Albert and Melody…

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PE in the sunshine

We have been practising our athletic skills in PE this half term. We have focussed on our throwing skills and our running technique for the last two weeks. We've also been able to enjoy the beautiful weather during our lessons. Great fun!


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Is it a bird? Is it bee? No... It's our super sentence writers...

The children have been working very hard practicing their independent writing skills this half term and were so proud of the progress they are all making! They are becoming very confident young writers and it is lovely to their creativity coming through in their writing.

This week we are…

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