Dough Disco!

At the end of each school day the children come together to take part in our daily dough disco! The children love exercising their fingers wriggling, pinching, squeezing and prodding their dough with tom thumb, ruby ring and baby small! Not only are the children getting ready to write exercising…

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Repeating Patterns!

This week we have been learning about Repeating Patterns.
The children have been using a variety of different resources to create them: the mini-me's, Numicon, paper chains and even our bodies - they have been very resourceful!
Some of the children decided to challenge themselves by creating 3…

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We're going on an Autumn walk... we're looking for signs of Autumn!

Today the children went on an Autumn walk exploring the school grounds for signs of Autumn!

The children found many objects, berries, conkers, sycamore keys, autumn leaves and twigs that they will observe more closely this week in the classrooms. 

They discussed different trees…

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Art Attack!!

This week the children had a go at making their own Art Attack bodies! 
We spoke about our different body parts and how important they are and some of the children decided to build their own. We used materials found all over the classroom and the children got very creative deciding which…
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Look what we've been up to...

It's been a busy week in reception and the children have been working hard! 
As we are coming into Autumn, the children have enjoyed investigating autumn leaves and conkers brought in by one of the children! We decided to sort the conkers and leaves by size, some of the children even decided to…
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Developing our Balance and Coordination Skills!

On Wednesday the children enjoyed their first PE session and we can honestly say that they loved it! They showed great listening skills and were superb playing our balance and coordination games - they especially enjoyed pretending to move like different animals! 

This term our PE sessions…

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Coco the therapy dog!

Last week the reception children got to meet our new school therapy dog - Coco! 
While Coco gets used to our school surroundings we spent the afternoon getting to know Coco and learning how best to behave around her. The children were very caring and had lots of questions about our new friend. We…
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Meet our Class Bears...

On Thursday the reception children were delivered two mysterious parcels labelled for Miss Woods and Miss Simpson's Class. Benji Bear and Percy the Panda had been on very long journeys and were in need of some help- they needed some friends to go on adventures with!
Benji and Percy will be…
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On Friday we were provided with the opportunity to celebrate the children's progress this year in our annual awards assembly! 

All the children have worked very hard this year and we would like to celebrate each and every single achievement they have made. It has been wonderful to see…

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Say Hello to Turbo Tim!

The reception children were treated to a special visit from an animal friend this week and his name was... Turbo Tim!

The children loved meeting him, they took great care and asked lots of important questions!

Since Turbo Tim belongs to our classmate Theo he did a superb job answering…

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It's a mystery...

On Thursday morning the children arrived to find a big mess! The animals were gone, the dinosaurs were gone and the classrooms had been destroyed! What had happened? It was a mystery!

The children set off hunting to find the animals and dinosaurs, they looked all over the school! In the end, we…

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Caught in the 'Wild'...

The children have been engaging in lots of child-initiated activities these past few weeks as they are thoroughly enjoying the new topics 'Animals' and 'Dinosaurs'. We have been doing lots of research on the internet to create fact files, 'googling' questions and watching videos of the animals…

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This weeks 'Super Sentence Heroes'!!

This week's super sentence heroes spent the day wearing their well-deserved capes on Friday!
They have all been trying very hard to produce their best work during our 'picture of the day' sessions focusing on their letter formation and trying to start their sentences in different…

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Sunny Super Hero Day!

We had a fabulous day today pretending to be our favourite Superheroes in the glorious sunshine. We held a catwalk showing off some of our best powers and best costumes,  we made fruit skewers to keep ourselves fueled and enjoyed some party food to ensure we had our best energy for our…

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The Mischievous Evil Pea!

This week the children used their problem-solving skills to help them solve an evil problem! 
The evil pea asked them to figure out his problems in order to save some vegetables from a petrifying fate. The children discussed the problems and then decided upon their own ways of solving and…
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Get your free fresh fruit here...

This week the reception children have set up shop in the outside area with their very own 'Greengrocers'! Lots of lovely roleplay took place and the children enjoyed lots of discussion around the use of money and change. Some shop keepers were giving fruit away for free... bargain!

'Get your…

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Super Veggie's Assemble

This week we have been reading the story 'Supertato', the children have loved learning about the mischievous Evil Peas predicting what they will be up to next and keeping an eye out for them around school! 

The children enjoyed the story so much they wanted to make their own super veggies,…

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Summer Terms PE sessions

This term we are lucky enough to be having two PE sessions. On Tuesday, the children will be focusing on developing their ball skills, such as throwing and catching with the Blackpool sports coach Jamie. On Wednesday, the children will be doing gymnastic with Mr Higginbottom. 

Take a look at…

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Superkid's visit to reception!

To begin our new super hero topic the children have been looking at the story 'Superkid', they were very curious and wanted to ask him some questions. The next day, the children arrived to school to find a sparkly letter. It was from Superkid and he had flown in to our classrooms to see the…

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Reception's new outdoor area!

After waiting patiently for weeks the children were finally allowed to explore our new ourdoor area and they loved it! They especially enjoyed playing in the tunnel and on the climbing rocks and they were getting super creative in our new mud kitchen making pud pies and pancakes. 


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Reception's Surprise Visitor...


On Wednesday the children arrived at school to find the trail of a surprise visitor!
The Easter bunny had come to visit our classroom, he left an awful mess, there were muddy bike tracks all over the place and the children were very inquisitive as to why he'd been here! 

Some of the…

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'Eggciting' Easter Fun!

The last week of the spring term was spent learning all about Easter and the Easter story. The children really enjoyed discussing why we celebrate Easter and this led to a lot of activities to help us with our learning. 

We got very creative, making spring chickens, decorating our own Easter…

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Is it a bird? Is it bee? No... It's our super sentence writers...

The children have been working very hard practicing their independent writing skills this half term and were so proud of the progress they are all making! They are becoming very confident young writers and it is lovely to their creativity coming through in their writing.

This week we are…

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We are Scientists!

This week in reception we have been encouraging the children's investigative skills as a part of British Science Week! 

The children were challenged to investigate materials that float or sink and they did this in many ways! Some children went off to find their own materials that would float or…

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Super Sentence Writers

This week has seen some more fabulous writing down in reception and we are pleased to announce our new super sentence heroes for this week!!
Not only have these children been tyring very hard to write their own sentences during our morning activities they have also been trying to practice their…

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Introducing our Super Sentence Writers...

This week we have introduced something new to the children, Super Sentence Writers!
Each week we will be looking for children who work hard to be the best independent writers they can be!
 We have been asking them to show their resilience and keep trying whilst writing their own independent…

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Under the Sea

This half term we are looking at the topic 'Under the Sea'.
The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic so far. They 'dived' straight in wanting to find out as much as possible about lots of different sea creatures, we searched for information online and even looked through non-fiction books…
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Traditional Tales Day

Last friday reception finished their topic of Traditional tales with a exciting Traditional Tales Day! 

We started the day tasting porridge just like Goldilocks with our friends in Year 1 - some of the children loved it, enjoying two bowls all to themselves!

We then went back to class…

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Visiting the Construction Workers in the Outdoor Area

Some of the children had been asking to visit the builders working on the new outdoor area, so we went on an outdoor walk!
They were super excited and very curious; they started thinking of all the question they could ask the builders and what they wanted to find out about our new outdoor…

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Run, run as fast as you can... You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

On Thursday morning the children arrived to find some crumbs left from a very special visitor.
The Gingerbread man had been and he had left a lot of his crumbly friends behind!
We got out our magnifying glasses and searched the classroom for clues. The children found crumbs from the door into…

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Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi

This week the children have been learning about Chinese New Year and they have really enjoyed it!
They held their own chinese restaurant, made dragons and wrote menus for their friends.
Later on in the week they tasted chinese food - the sweet and sour sauce and prawn…

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Breaking News!

Breaking News... 

The three bears house has been trashed!
But don't worry... the reception children were very quick to help!
They used their problem solving skills to 'unjumble' all of the bears things into small, medium and large! 
They also made the perfect bowl of porridge for Daddy bear…

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Footballing fun in Reception

The children are very lucky to recieve two sessions with the wonderful sports coaches from Blackpool Football Club. Two of the main skills the children have been working this term is Balance and Co-ordination and Ball Control. The children have made great progress since september and it has been…

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Fee Fie Fo Fum, There is a lot of measuring to be done...

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week the children were sent a tough challenge by a mysterious giant! They got stuck in measuring plenty of objects, trying to figure out if they were bigger or smaller than the giants foot. 

The children also explored a variety of beans looking for similarities…

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Little pig, little pig, let me in...

The Three Little Pigs 

This terms topic of Traditional Tales saw us seeing in the New Year reading the 'Three Little Pigs'. The children have loved reading this book; they got very into character and ended up creating their own dramatic performances! It was great to see them having fun and…

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Reception's Christmas Party 2016

Reception had so much fun at their Christmas Party this year with DJ Kellet. 
There was lots of dancing, party games, prizes and yummy food too! 

Take a look at some of the children's fabulous dance moves.. 

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Oh no you didn't - Aladdin - 13.12.16

On Tuesday 13th December the whole of KS1 were treated with a visit to the pantomine.
They went to see Aladdin at the Grand Theatre and it was wonderful!

The children had a good giggle at wishy washy getting soaked in the laundrette and gave their loudest 'Booooo' to the evil Jafar. 

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Festive Fun!

Christmas arrived in Reception this week and the children have had a ball decorating the tree and wrapping presents! 

They have written tonnes of christmas cards and lots of christmas lists for santa, we even wrote some creative sentences about what we would do if we got stuck in a…

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Stickman, Oh Stickman!

We received a very exciting letter in Reception this week.
It was from Stickman and he needed our help!
He asked us to complete many challenges that involved measuring, testing materials and building him a new house! 

Take a look and see what we created for him and how we did it...

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Spellbinder 2016

The children had a ball singing and dancing to our favourite christmas songs with Spellbinder on Thursday!
He took us on a magical journey with a russian granny, Rudolf and ofcourse Father Christmas. 

Phoenix and Joey also took a special role in the celebratory parade for Rudolph, great fun…

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Art Attack Snowmen

Reception were given the challenge of making their own snowmen and snowdogs this week! They could only use materials found in their classroom and there were some very inventive ideas.
Who knew Numicon shapes would make brilliant buttons? 


The Reception Team 

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Meet Ben and Busker!

This week in reception the children made their own snowman and snowdog! 

They wanted to make their own versions of the characters since reading the story 'The snowman and the snowdog' last week and they have done a brilliant job!
The new 'snowy' members of the reception team have been named…

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The Snowman and the Snowdog

This week the children have been enjoying the story 'The Snowman and the Snowdog'! It is a very lovely story about a snowman who comes to life at night and has led to lots of creative learning. The children made winter snowflakes and winter scenes for our snowmen, they made igloo's for our snowmen…

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A touch of frost..

Miley and Marshall brought frosty leaves that they found on their way into school this week and the children just loved finding their own out on the playground! 

The frosty weather has also led to some great discussion in the classroom. We used our talk partners to discuss our own experiences…

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Brrrr, it's cold in here...

On Monday the children enjoyed exploring and investigating ice in the ice tray. 
We engaged in lots of exciting discussion around melting and what happens when we heat ice. We also discussed which animals like to live in cold habitats and Miley told us that 'Polar Bears live in the arctic'!

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Young entrepreneurs in Reception

The children were super creative in their role play area this week!
As well as drawing all over the walls the children had tonnes of ideas for their role play area.
They made signs like those in the book 'The day the crayons quit', took your money if you wanted your face painting in their…

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Reception's visit from Pudsey bear!

Pudsey took time out of his very busy schedule to visit us on friday and the children were so excited to meet him! He answered some of our questions about his girlfriend blush and explained that he worked to help children who are not as lucky as us. 

Thank you for all the spotty outfits the…

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'Oi Frog sit on a log!'

Oi Frog..

The children loved reading the book 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray this week, they had a good giggle at pea's sitting on fleas and frogs sitting on dogs and loved making up some of their own versions. 
From this, we looked at the patterns in the words and discussed Rhyme using our rhyming…

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Reception's Halloween Party

Reception's Halloween Party! 

We had soo much fun on thursday celebrating halloween with the children! They all looked spectactular in their outfits, the classrooms looked like we were hosting a school for zombies and spooky creatures, thank you! 

At the halloween party we played lots of fun…

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Mr Skeleton's Missing Bones

Mr Skeleton's Missing Bones 

When the children arrived in class this afternoon they received a spooky letter from Mr Skeleton. It said that Benji Bear and Fred the Ted had been taken! 
Mr Skeleton had lost all of his bones and needed help finding them, so he took the children's bears so that…

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Making Chocolate Apples

Making Chocolate Apples 

The children had a lovely time making chocolate apples during snack time this morning, they all took turns to dip their apples in the chocolate and add their sprinkles.
They had so much fun they couldn't wait to take them home and eat them at the end of the day.…

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It's a Spooky Week


It has been an incredibly spooky week this week for reception, the children made goblin snot in the outside area on monday with eyeballs and skeletons. On Tuesday they helped Miss Woods make a potion that turned children into frogs, Miley had to stop Tyler from hopping around the…

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Autumn Walk

Autumn is Here... 

Autumn arrived in reception last week and the children loved investigating the season! They went on an Autumn walk on Monday, looking for different autumn objects and discussed the difference between Summer and Autumn. We then went back to the classroom and began sorting the…

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Walking like a Gorilla...

Walking like a Gorilla...

One of the sports coaches from Blackpoool Football Club Community Trust  has been working with the children these past couple of weeks developing their balance and coordination skills. Don't they look fab 'monkeying' around? They enjoyed their time so much they wanted…

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A busy week of exciting learning...

A Busy Week

This week in reception the children have been enjoying lots of exciting writing activities. They loved using the cars and paint to practice the letter formation of the new sounds we have been looking at in phonics and really enjoyed building words with our building bricks. 

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RDS - Roahl Dahl Day

Roahl Dahl Day 

What a wonderful day we had on Friday celebrating 100 years of the author Roald Dahl.
The children wore some amazing outfits, we saw Matilda, a wolf and even Charlie Bucket in the classroom! 
Take a look... 


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RHW - Roahl Dahl Day


We had lots of fun on friday dressing up as some of our favourite Roahl Dahl Characters.
 We had Matilda, Sophie from the BFG, a couple of Oompa Loompa's and even the Enormous crocodile in the same room! 
It was great fun!

The children loved seeing their friends in these…

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A colourful week in Reception..


This week in reception the children have been exploring

The children have enjoyed creating crocodile pegs based on our book 'The Enormous Crocodile' which we read last week - they were super snappy! 
They got messy in the tough tray mixing colours and practicing their letter…

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