Dough Disco!

At the end of each school day the children come together to take part in our daily dough disco! The children love exercising their fingers wriggling, pinching, squeezing and prodding their dough with tom thumb, ruby ring and baby small! Not only are the children getting ready to write exercising…

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Year 4 Parent Event

To end our topic 'Hunted', we invited parents in to school for an afternoon of fun!  We worked together to make a pouch for Bear grylls using our design.  Then we showcased our skills in teamwork, co-operation and problem solving to complete two of the Comando Joe missions.

Everyone had a great…

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Glittery Germs!

Today in Year 2 we talked about the importance of washing our hands to protect us from germs. Mrs Forrester spread her 'germs' around the classroom and they were everywhere!

We learnt a song to sing whilst washing our hands so that we wash them properly. Can you remember the song to sing at…

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Maths in 1MM

This week in our maths we are focussing on subtraction. We are developing our skills through practical tasks, using Numicon and writing calculations. 


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Repeating Patterns!

This week we have been learning about Repeating Patterns.
The children have been using a variety of different resources to create them: the mini-me's, Numicon, paper chains and even our bodies - they have been very resourceful!
Some of the children decided to challenge themselves by creating 3…

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Year 4 - Wider Opportunities

This year we have started learning how to play the cornet.  Mrs Doyle comes in every Tuesday to teach us and help us improve.  We think we are doing well so far!

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Fun maths

Chocolate button dot arrays. Fun maths that you can eat afterwards! Xx

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We travelled along apparatus, balanced and dismounted.

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Gymnastics in Year 3

We were balancing on different parts of our bodies. 

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We're going on an Autumn walk... we're looking for signs of Autumn!

Today the children went on an Autumn walk exploring the school grounds for signs of Autumn!

The children found many objects, berries, conkers, sycamore keys, autumn leaves and twigs that they will observe more closely this week in the classrooms. 

They discussed different trees…

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