Governance Statement 2016 – 2017

The Governing Board has three core functions, as set out in the Department for Education’s Governors’ Handbook:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

We have regular full governor meetings and two sub committees:

  • Resources
  • This committee focus on heath and safety, staffing and budget
  • Standards and Effectiveness
  • This committee focused on data around results, curriculum and the School Development Plan

Progress in 2016-17 school year

It has been yet another busy, successful year in the life of Moor Park. At the start of the school year, the governors met to discuss what the direction the school is moving in and to outline the aims for the academic year ahead. Below is a list of the strategic aims that were jointly agreed with the school and the progress that has been made against them:


  1. Improve Teaching & Learning by creating a collective learning culture in school

This included talking to the children more about what learning looks like (growth mindset) and about the need to make and learn from their mistakes. This would help to make the children more resilient and stronger risk takers.

We have made great strides in this area. Our children are now far more willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes, as the comments they wrote on their reports hopefully show. We have no doubt that this is contributing towards a further raise in standards.



  1. Collaboration/School-led improvement system

As there was no longer the same level of advisers coming in to support schools, it was important to look at how school could support and challenge others through sharing good practice, but also how school could be challenged and supported by others.

We have worked with external advisors to challenge and support us to improve our practice, particularly around the areas of learning culture and growth mindset. We have also partnered with other schools to share good practice – for instance, visits from other teachers, joint staff meetings. All these actions have been successful in moving the school on in terms of our daily practice.



  1. Consideration of academy status

Governors agreed to start to consider the benefits and drawbacks of converting to academy status; including whether to establish or join a Multi Academy Trust (MAT).

Several discussions have taken place throughout the year, with governors, other schools and parents. Whilst we are still seriously considering the prospect of becoming an academy, the current political situation has meant that no firm decision can be made this school year.



  1. Ensuring performance of the school is in line or better than national

This would include a number of items such as assessment for learning, and adjusting to changes in curriculum.

Again working with other schools to compare our standards (moderation) and sharing good practice have helped to move this area on. We await the results of SATs but our internal tracking and monitoring systems are indicating good progress being made.


  1. Ensuring learning environment is optimised for learning

There continued to be a need to ensure resources and space were used creatively to support learning.

Major work has gone into converting the library area, including the purchase of several thousand pounds’ worth of books. We are already starting to see the benefit in terms of more children using our library and we are confident that this will take off even more from September.


  1. Ensure Safeguarding arrangements are robust and in line with current legislation

It was important to ensure all staff and governors were appropriately trained and aware of changes in recent legislation around keeping children safe, happy and well.

All staff receive regular safeguarding updates/training.

We also asked for an audit to be carried out by the Lead Safeguarding person for the Local Authority – to ensure our practice is robust and in line with legislation. 




If you wish to contact the governing board please write to the following address:

Mrs Janet Roberts 

Co / Moor Park Primary School

Moor Park Avenue




Governance Arrangements

To undertake the core functions, we have established the following governance structure for Moor Park Primary School:

  • Two Parent Governors
  • One LA Governor
  • One Staff Governor
  • One Headteacher
  • Seven Co-opted Governors

The total number of Governors is twelve.




Who Are the Governors and what are their roles?

Chair of Governors: Mrs J Roberts

Vice Chair: Miss J Marlow

Parent governors: Mrs L Halstead & Miss V Clifford

Staff Governors: Mrs J Rhodes & Mrs L Martin

Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor: Cllr K Rowson

Assessment Governor: Mr I Todd

SEND Governor: 

Pupil Premium Governor: Mr I Todd

Governing Body Training & Development Governor: 

Website Compliance Governor:  


CH represents the person who is chair of that particular commitee. 

Resources Committee Standards & Effectiveness Committee


Chair of Governors (IT)

Vice Chair of Governors (KR)

Mrs L Martin

Mrs D Priest

Mrs Janet Roberts CH (appointed by I Todd in Sept 2017)



Chair of Governors (IT)

Vice Chair of Governors (KR)

Miss C Singleton

Mrs L Halstead




In Attendance:

Mr G Kirkpatrick – Deputy Headteacher


In Attendance:

Mr G Kirkpatrick – Deputy Headteacher


Appraisal & Pay Committee

(including the performance management of the Headteacher)

Mrs Janette Roberts

Mr Ian Todd

Review Officer: Cllr K Rowson


Pupil Discipline/Exclusion, Staff discipline, Dismissal, Grievance, Complaints and any Appeals to be dealt with by the first three available, untainted Governors not employed at the School – terms of reference as set out in the relevant Policy Document




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