Blackpool Council have asked school for the following:

Free School Breakfast Census monitoring

In order to assess take-up, and to understand whether Blackpool pupils have breakfast at home / before they come to school, we are going to ask you to conduct a short 'straw poll' with pupils in your school. We would like each class teacher to ask the following questions on or just before the mid-morning break:


1.            Who had something to eat at home before coming to school?

2.            Did anyone eat something on their way to school?

3.*          Who went to breakfast club this morning and ate there?

4.            Who has eaten some of the free breakfast this morning?

5.            Who has had a drink of milk today provided by school?

6              Who has had nothing to eat since getting up this morning?


Please Note:


As part of the ongoing monitoring of the Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Programme in Blackpool, once a term we will be asking pupils attending this school some simple questions regarding what they had for breakfast on a certain date.  We will also be using data we hold on children within the school as part of this study. All information will be aggregated, and no one child, or their answers, will be identifiable within the analysis. If, for any reason, you wish for your child not to take part in the monitoring, can you please let us know, and we will ensure that they are not included