Fun Festivities in Reception

This week has been full of festive cheer. On Monday the children in RHW were sent a mischevious Elf! After a class vote, they named him Chippy and have been very excited to find out what he got up to each day - on Wednesday he made a ball pit for Elves only. 

The children also enjoyed the…

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Ball Skills and Spatial Awareness

This half term we have been provided with the opportunity to work with the sports coaches from Blackpool Football Club during our PE sessions.
We have been focussing on developing our ball skills taking increasing control and care when we roll a ball, we then moved on to rolling balls to hit a…
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Shh! We have a plan...

This term we have been reading the story 'Shh! We have a plan' by Chris Haughton. The children really enjoyed creating story maps, cold colour collages and even acting out the story in our role play area! The children used props and took on a role to become the bird catchers and catch the…

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Year 1 Maths this week

This week we have been investigating ‘difference’. We have looked at difference in weight, difference in length and using the correct vocabulary for this. We have also investigated difference in number using our Numicon and Number rods. We started to relate ‘difference’ to taking away and we have…

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Maths in 1MM

This week in our maths we are focussing on subtraction. We are developing our skills through practical tasks, using Numicon and writing calculations. 


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Repeating Patterns!

This week we have been learning about Repeating Patterns.
The children have been using a variety of different resources to create them: the mini-me's, Numicon, paper chains and even our bodies - they have been very resourceful!
Some of the children decided to challenge themselves by creating 3…

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Jump jump jump!

In PE this week we focussed on our jumping skills as part of our Fundamental movements. We learnt that the best jumpers keep their feet together, bend their knees and use their arms to add power to a jump. We practised these skills through lots of different jumping activities including skipping…

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Look what we've been up to...

It's been a busy week in reception and the children have been working hard! 
As we are coming into Autumn, the children have enjoyed investigating autumn leaves and conkers brought in by one of the children! We decided to sort the conkers and leaves by size, some of the children even decided to…
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Year 1 Zoo trip

Year 1 had a great day at the zoo. We visited to support our learning about animals. We identified lots of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects while we were there and used our scientific language to talk about their features, habitats and behaviours. 


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Developing our Balance and Coordination Skills!

On Wednesday the children enjoyed their first PE session and we can honestly say that they loved it! They showed great listening skills and were superb playing our balance and coordination games - they especially enjoyed pretending to move like different animals! 

This term our PE sessions…

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Hands on Animals

As part of our topic we met lots of interesting creatures. Thanks to Kelly from Hands in Animals for bringing them to see us. 

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Coco the therapy dog!

Last week the reception children got to meet our new school therapy dog - Coco! 
While Coco gets used to our school surroundings we spent the afternoon getting to know Coco and learning how best to behave around her. The children were very caring and had lots of questions about our new friend. We…
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